Some Thoughts – Keeping it Real

What do fly fishing and evangelism have in common?

I love fishing, always have. It relaxes me and gives me great joy. The most demanding and challenging form for me is fly fishing – something I still feel like such a novice in. Why is it so challenging? First, you must learn to cast a line with no weight at the end except for a little man-made fly, and then you have to cast in places where you have very little room to do so. Other challenges include 1) learning which fly to use that will best ‘substitute’ what the trout is feeding upon at any given season and time, 2) knowing which natural habitat the fish live in: type of water, rapids, deep pools, banks, ripples, still water or fast water, 3) knowing how to hook the aggressive fish and, 4) finally, how to land it. A real discipline to conquer but, oh so rewarding!

Sharing our faith is very similar. You must know how to share your testimony (the cast). Share appropriately in your surroundings (the hunting ground). Learn to share enough information about Jesus that will make them curious, interested and hungry (the right fly). Then you must know how to hook them (the hearts responding to the good news of grace), followed by the landing (bringing them to salvation and submission to King Jesus Christ). Not easy, but with repeated casting you will see the “fish” brought to Jesus. What an amazing joy when you see this happen.

C’mon, start casting! “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Matthew 4:19


Make it relevant

1. The cast: Take baby steps – don’t try to cast too far too soon. Keep it real. Use your testimony, your story. Learn how to deliver your testimony in front of the mirror in no more than 3 minutes, and then share it in your community group.

2. Know your surroundings: Be aware of things that will impede your casting – past church hurts, a negative view of Christianity, or Bible bashings.

3. Take time to learn the body of water you are fishing in: The more you learn about people’s surroundings or emotional state (fearful, easily spooked, relaxed, aggressive), the more you will know what fly to cast and where.

4. The hook up: This is the hardest. Pull too soon and the fish will run. Too late, the fish will disappear. Ask Holy Spirit for HIS PERFECT TIMING AND METHOD.

5. Land it: Discipleship is the key to building a sure foundation for an ever-lasting relationship with Jesus.