Is Your Faith Owned Or Rented?

Some thoughts

I have been challenged of late with the question: do I own my faith, theology, view of Jesus, or is it something I have simply rented or borrowed from others (books, preachers, mentors)? If my faith is rented or borrowed from others, will it ever be true for me? When my faith in Jesus is tested in the fire of life, will I stay true to the path or give it up?If I own my faith, then no matter what comes my way, my love for Jesus and the church is unswerving. My intimacy with Him is immovable. On the other hand, if it is rented then I’ll eventually be looking for an out – better options, better odds or another ‘god’.

The implications for being a disciple of Jesus is profound. It will keep you strong in your faith walk, and will naturally be expressed in the way you talk about Him to those you encounter in your daily life. Rented faith is contractual: as long as Jesus does this or that for me, as long as the church meets my expectations, as long as Christians behave as I want them to act, then all is good (If you do, then I will).

Covenantal faith is based on the premise Jesus has done it all. Everything has been paid in full. Jesus doesn’t have to do anything more than He has already accomplished on the cross. It is based on relationship, not a contractual agreement.

Make it relevant

  1. Take an honest look at the 7 “I am” statements Jesus made in the gospel of John, and ask yourself: are they true for me?
  2. Do you truly believe the claims Jesus made about himself in the Bible: Messiah, King, Lord, Healer, Saviour and Judge?
  3. If you see that under fire some of your faith is rented and you want it to be owned, ask Holy Spirit to show you how.
  4. Think about the difference between a contractual faith versus a covenantal faith with Jesus and others.

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May you encounter a personal, covenantal Jesus today.
Paul Zanardo