Keeping it real – some thoughts: Jesus 4 Now?


2015 has been a most interesting year. A mixture of mountain tops and deep valleys. It seems that as I look at our world, we are living in fragile and challenging times. It is in these seasons, that we as children of Jesus are called to base our faith on Jesus the Rock of Ages. As a family we recently had the privilege to visit Uluru, Ayers Rock. You might say, what’s so special in a big rock? It is only when you are at the base of it, that your breath is taken away by its imposing majesty and colourful splendour. It’s big and strong. Unmovable by anything. This us how we are to live in these seasons of life, with unshakable, rock solid faith in Jesus.Our Christmas theme for 2015, is Jesus 4 Now? Based on 4 incredible statements about Jesus, written 700 years before His actual birth. These statements are just as vital to us as when He was born over 2000 years ago.

Wonderful Counsellor – Wisdom and Understanding to live today with joy and hope
Mighty God – Power for living without fear or anxiety – Jesus is in control
Everlasting Father – Family – We belong to an eternal family with a loving gracious Father that loves us deeply – You belong
Prince of Peace – in spite of all circumstances we may face, Jesus is Jehovah Shalom, peace in all situations. You can have this unparalleled peace today, right now.
How do you base your life on these 4 statements above? By desiring and allowing the Presence and Glory of Jesus to overwhelm every aspect of your life.

Making it Relevant

  • Over the next few weeks read and meditate over Isaiah Chapter 6-9.
  • Take time to meditate and ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you afresh each of the 4 statements above about Jesus.
  • Journal through each Statement/Name and see what Jesus reveals to you personally.
  • In what areas of your life would you like to see more peace in 2016? Ask Holy Spirit to increase your awareness of His Presence.
  • In 2016, cultivate a culture of the Presence of Jesus in your everyday life.

We take this opportunity as a family, to say how much we love you all. It has been our privilege and blessing to pastor this amazing church called Lighthouse. Let us keep Knowing Jesus and making Him Known in 2016. Merry Christmas our dear saints. May your hearts be filled with Peace, Joy and Love in Holy Spirit. We will be taking some time off during January to refresh and re-envision for 2016. Our precious leadership team will be taking great care of you. They are incredible leaders. We love you and we speak blessing and favour upon each one of you and the families you represent. The best for us is ahead in Jesus.
The Zanardo family