Keeping It Real – Easter Edition


Keeping it real- Easter edition

Lest we forget
In Australia and New Zealand every year we celebrate ANZAC day. A day where the two nations remember the sacrifice and loss of life of fallen soldiers in the line of duty. At the end of each service after the bugle is played, the crowd in one voice calls out: Lest We forget. That is, we will never forget the sacrifice that these amazing heroes did to give us the freedom we so enjoy today.
Over 2000 years ago, the ultimate act of heroism was conducted by the God of the Universe, Jesus the Christ. Good Friday, was a day and event like none other before or after. Jesus the Lamb of God was sacrificed and executed on a Cross to bring you and I eternal life. The sinful nature that is in all of us separated us from a living and loving relationship with God. The Cross was a horrendous, painful and offensive death. One reserved for the worse of the criminal. It cost Jesus EVERYTHING. John puts it this way (3:16) “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his unique Son so that everyone who believes in him might not be lost but have eternal life. Nothing in life is more costly, than the loss of life. But when the God of universe is sacrificed to redeem mankind, there is no equal in history. It is only when we stop and truly acknowledge the price Jesus paid for our lives and live by the statement: Lest We Forget, which we can start understanding how precious our New Life in Christ really is.
It is only when you truly understand what price Jesus paid for your life that you can start understanding and living in the fullness of being a son or daughter of Jesus.

Make it relevant
1. Stop and ponder again this Easter and what it means for you that Jesus so loves you that He died for you.
2. Read the event of the crucifixion again with fresh eyes and, ask Holy Spirit to fill your life with amazed gratitude.
3. As we cry out this Easter, in one voice : Lest We Forget, think about what this amazing act of love ( demonstrated at the Cross) means for you right now.
4. Now live in the finished work of the Cross. Teleo: It is finished.

Join us this Easter as we say in one voice: Lest We Forget