Keeping It Real – The Bring Principle


Keeping It Real – The Bring Principle

Lately I have been reflecting on what I have coined, "the bring principle…."

It appears that in life, each one basically abides by two principles, the bring principle or the
take principle.

The take principle is about me, myself and I. Life is about me. The more I can take from
others and things for my benefit, my survival, my advancement, the better. No matter the
price, no matter the cost I will grab and “take away’ anything that benefits me. This is common among western culture individualism.

The bring principle, runs counter culture. But it is firmly “Kingdom culture.” It states that I
exist to bring myself, my talents, my blessings, my resources and my availability for the
blessing and advancement of others.

Both are based on simple mathematical equations. The take principle is based on division and
subtraction. If I exist to “take away” then my actions will always divide and subtract what
others have and only I get blessed.

The bring principle is based on multiplication and addition. When I bring the best of myself,
my talents, my gifts, I inevitably will add and multiply to what others already have.

King David poignantly reinforces the Bring Principle when he states in 2 Sam 24:24: "I will
buy it from you for a price. I will not BRING a burnt offering to the Lord my God that cost
me nothing".

Kingdom culture people live by and for the Bring Principle.

Take up the challenge today and start living by the bring principle. You will be blessed more
than you will ever know.

Making it Relevant
1. Reflect on the above “mathematical” implications between the “take away”
principle and the Bring principle.

2. Do you agree that the Take Away principle and the Bring Principle run
counterculture to one another?

3. Ask Holy Spirit in what areas He may want you to transfer from take to bring?

4. Be intentional for the next 21 days (that is how long it takes to form a habit) to
bring your gifts, talents and your best instead of taking away.

5. Reflect on this comment: there are many people that are awaiting a blessing, an
addition or multiplication on the other side of your decision. Imagine what you could
bring into their lives.