Who we are

Welcome to The Lighthouse Web site. We are a vibrant Christian Australian Church called to love Jesus and Build His Kingdom. Our vision is that people from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life would discover the love and grace of Jesus Christ. A people loved by Jesus, to grow, to be part of community and to get involved in mission.

Our meetings reflect our desire to be radically biblical and build the Church Jesus is building. Jesus was supernaturally normal, when He preached signs and wonders followed. We believe that this is his heart for the Church, today. A place where His name is glorified, His presence is constantly sought after and men and women have a genuine relationship with Him and others. As a local Church, we are led by an eldership team. Paul and Monika Zanardo are the visionary elders/pastors.

We are in relationship with and accountable to an Ephesians 4, Fivefold Translocal Team called New Covenant Ministry International (NCMI). Lighthouse is known for being “REAL AND LOVING”.

Who is NCMI

The NCMI Vision


First, it is to facilitate the vision and command that Jesus gave to the Church to disciple the nations of the world. This is accomplished in various ways:

  • by encouraging and training leadership,
  • by encouraging and training individuals for church planting,
  • through foundational ministry to pastors and churches and
  • by providing practical opportunities throughout the world to participate in short or long-term church planting projects.

Second, we have given ourselves to see strong and healthy, eldership led local churches established and nurtured. Believers in these churches will be trained, equipped, and released to grow into their full potential and maturity in God. Our objective is that the priesthood of all believers will be exercised fully and freely. In this context, it is our desire to nurture elders to become skilful shepherds who lead.

NCMI Globally

What we believe


We believe that it is all about Jesus. Because He loved us first, we can love him, others and build His Kingdom.

The Bible

We believe, teach and live the Bible – nothing more, nothing less!


We were created to worship and we do that passionately as a lifestyle.

The Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

We believe that without the Holy Spirit, the Church is insipid and dead. We love His presence and glory manifested in our lives and meetings. We believe that the supernatural power of God is naturally available to every believer.

Friendship and Community

We can have intimate friendship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. We believe God knits people together in loving supportive relationships. We were created to grow and be in community.


We exist to reach un-churched people and extend the kingdom of God.

Servant hood

We serve Jesus by discovering and using our spiritual gifts to be a blessing to others.


We believe God will use us in teams to fulfil His purposes.


One of our purposes is to plant churches in this city, in this nation, and into the nations of the world.


We believe that Grace is more than unmerited favour. We define Grace @Lighthouse as THE EMPOWERING PRESENCE OF GOD IN THE LIFE OF EVERY BORN AGAIN DISCIPLE OF JESUS. It is this power that changes our lives and empowers us to live like men and women after the heart of Jesus