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  • Keeping It Real - Love and Unity I have been in ministry for the last 25 years. My passionate love for Jesus and the local Church has never diminished. Does the church frustrate me and, at times, do I feel discouraged? Absolutely yes. This has more to do with my attitude, rather than circumstance[...]
  • Keeping It Real - The Bring Principle Lately I have been reflecting on what I have coined, "the bring principle…." It appears that in life, each one basically abides by two principles, the bring principle or the take principle. The take principle is about me, myself and I. Life i[...]
  • Keeping it Real- The Message of the Gospel As I look at the life of Jesus, I have discovered something interesting. His message was consistent. It was relevant and for all people. It changed lives. It was redemptive. It transcended culture and gender. It was applicable to all life “curved balls”.[...]
  • Keeping it real- Easter edition Lest we forget In Australia and New Zealand every year we celebrate ANZAC day. A day where the two nations remember the sacrifice and loss of life of fallen soldiers in the line of duty. At the end of each service after the bugle is played, the crowd in one voice[...]
  • Keeping it Real – Great Commandment Part 3- Love Jesus with all your soul • When we look at the Old Testament scripture we see that sometimes “heart” and “soul” are used interchangeably; and so are the words “soul” and “spirit”. Scripturally, “heart”, “soul” and “spirit” are tough to define. Go[...]
  • Keeping it Real – Great Commandment Part 2- Love Jesus with all your mind • The Great Commandment underlays our Church Vision/. Know Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength…. Then we can make Him Known • Our mind is a very powerful thing. It is the place where we think about things. [...]
  • Keeping it Real – Great Commandment Part 1 Love Jesus with all your heart Jesus said to him, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment.” (Mt. 22:37-38) • We are to engage our emotions in our [...]
  •   "Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness". Luke 4:1About 24 years ago, something extraordinary happened to me. Up until then I had always loved Jesus, served, given financially, etc, but something was mis[...]
  • Prayer: In 1 Thess 5: 17 we read: “Pray continually”. What, all the time? In every place? Even when we sleep? What it means is that God loves us to have a lifestyle of intercommunicating with Him. Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. Prayer invades and changes the spiritual atmosphe[...]