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  • Keeping it real- Purpose: It is not about you Ever asked the questions: who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? If not you, I am sure many around you have. Contrary to current trends, I have discovered biblically (the true north) that the answer is not found within, but above. IT IS NOT ABOUT YO[...]
  • Some thoughts I have been challenged of late with the question: do I own my faith, theology, view of Jesus, or is it something I have simply rented or borrowed from others (books, preachers, mentors)? If my faith is rented or borrowed from others, will it ever be true for me? When my faith in Jesus[...]
  • What do fly fishing and evangelism have in common? I love fishing, always have. It relaxes me and gives me great joy. The most demanding and challenging form for me is fly fishing - something I still feel like such a novice in. Why is it so challenging? First, you must learn to cast a line with n[...]
  • I don’t think that I would be here today and be a disciple of Jesus if it was not for one man powerfully used by God. This Sunday in church we will be viewing what possibly may be his last address. You may have heard of him - Dr Billy Graham. Literally hundreds of thousands of people from around the[...]