Sunday Service

Church is not Sunday meetings, but Sunday meetings for thousands of Christians around the world, are central to their faith and walk with Jesus. Because of this we believe that our meetings must be:


  • Authentic life changing sermons or preaching.
  • Worship that connects your heart with Jesus.
  • Ministry of the Holy Spirit that is transforming, healing and empowering.
  • Relationships that are genuine and long-lasting.
  • Community that is transparent and meaningful.


We strive to be relevant in our preaching, relationships, life journey and personal walk with God.


We believe when God’s word is spoken when we worship King Jesus corporately and in our community groups, the Holy Spirit will bring fresh revelation to us of God’s love and grace.


You come but leave transformed by God’s love and presence.


Our meetings are full of joy and fun without losing RESPECT of the Holiness of God.