Previous Partnership Projects

Below are some of the projects overseas that we have previously invested into

As those who have received the love of Jesus Christ, it’s our privilege, purpose and passion to share the good news of salvation to those who don’t know Him. Our heart for mission begins with our friends & family, extends to our community and reaches the nations. We live by “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember I am with you always.”

Thai ID Cards

A couple of the girls who came through the Shalom House program are now at university and also looking for work. However, due to various reasons they do not have Thai ID cards which complicates their lives. They have no access to government medical care, travel is more difficult and companies will be reluctant to hire them as they fall into a grey area of the law. Thankfully there is a legal process for both of them to go through, however it is not cheap and involves multiple long distant trips as well as DNA testing. The cost for both is roughly $2000. Both girls are serving in the church extensively and we agree with A and Jit that continuing to invest into their lives through this need is a good investment!

Since making this investment into their lives last year, both girls are well on their way to attaining Thai ID cards. One already has a temporary ID which is a huge step forward. However the process is lengthy and will take longer to see through.

Steadfast Love Church – Land

Steadfast Love Church has outgrown the space at Somchai’s house and have been working hard to raise money for their own land and building. This came about due to a couple of the members of the church selling land to the church at cost price. When we got involved, they had already raised close to 60% of the purchase price and had around $15,000 remaining. We were able to send them $6000 and they raised the remaining $9000 to pay off the land completely!

Youth Mobilisation – 2022

Youth mobilisation under Pastor A’s mentorship is gathering steam and he had the vision to hire the local stadium in December 2022, fill it with a few thousand young people and worship God together. A built a team of around 50 young volunteers who spread the vision and made preparations however they needed additional funding which we were able to raise and send to them. Along the way the vision was altered slightly as they joined with other churches to include people of all ages, however the stadium was filled and it was a great success.

The 2 video’s below show a previous event from 2018, as well as some highlights from the event in December 2022.


Lighthouse Church Missions
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Chiang Rai Prayer Points

1. For ongoing and increased provision of finances and other resources so that the Lords works may continue in this region.

2. That believers will not give up meeting together, but now after covid will rejoin church communities and encourage each other.